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For years, video games have increased in popularity with boys and girls, the young and the old, the ‘pro’ and the ‘newbie’. The never ending stream of new software, consoles and game types has blossomed to match, and the growth shows no sign of stopping.

woman with joystick playing video games

Video games have increased in popularity with boys and girls.

But what makes playing video games so much fun? That depends very much on your individual video games experience and how it compares with other types of entertainment such as board and card games.

For some, it is living the adventure. Playing games such as ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘James Bond’, puts the player in the shoes of the primary character and allows them to experience the thrills and spills right along with Mr 007 or Miss Croft. In everyday life, very few people outside the military have the opportunity (or the desire) to fire big guns, drive massive tanks and tussle fist-to-fist with an evil enemy. Fortunately, video games allow the everyday civilian to do so from the safety of their own home, as little or as often as they please.

For others, the puzzle solving element of video games is a mental work-out better than the puzzle section of any newspaper. Take Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy. This delightful video game is filled with number, logic and picture puzzles of varying levels. It is suitable for young children right up to adults and allows both group and individual play.

Others who prefer competition, can enjoy perfectly safe racing games, large scale space battles or one on one stealth missions. A player can fight to be the best among their friends or to top their last score in a large selection of video games available on every console and on PC.

In truth, video games are fun because of the pure escapism they provide. While some video games may simply emulate real life (The Sims 3), there are others that give players the opportunity to experience things they would never get the chance to. They offer gentle competition (Mario Kart), epic role play adventures (Fable) or even life or death, survival horror stories (Resident Evil).

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