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admin <![CDATA[Why you should create a website]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=150 2013-09-30T11:05:40Z 2013-09-30T11:05:40Z There are many reasons why it is important to create a website. On the Internet, also known as the World Wide Web, people are constantly looking for information, day and night. As such, to promote yourself or your skills to them, you should make your own website.

One of the main reasons why a personal website is important is promotion. When you create a website, you write about your hobbies, skills, opinions, and tastes. People around the world are able to know you, and what you represent. As such, they know how to relate with you.

woman designing a website

There are many reasons why it is important to create a website.

For teenagers, a personal website is an ideal way to show the world your abilities. When in the teenage stage of life, it is important to have a high self esteem. Otherwise, one may succumb to peer pressure or depression. A personal website allows you to show your best side. Today, you can even edit pictures of your favourite celebrities, and put your picture right next to them. Not only will this make people very interested in you, but will also make them see you as a creative person. Deciding to create a website is also very important if one is seeking an elective position. By telling people about your website, they can open it and see all about you. You can post all sorts of information about yourself on the website. This way, they will read about it, and probably vote for you!

A personal website is also a great way to tell the world about your life. One can create a website with a virtual online diary. Writing about your day to day experiences makes your website very interesting. Also, people can then comment on your days. This can help you start conversations with them, and possibly lead to professional links. One can also create a website that can be used to create awareness about a cause that you they are passionate about. You can advertise clubs, societies, or even a family business using a personal website. The more interesting your website is, the more people are going to read it. If many people read your website, then you and your skills become better known and marketable. What’s more, you might earn a lot of money if you monetize your Web traffic.

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admin <![CDATA[Contact]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?page_id=145 2013-09-27T18:21:41Z 2013-09-27T18:21:41Z 0 redaktion <![CDATA[Thelarche]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=133 2013-07-12T07:26:45Z 2013-07-12T07:26:45Z Thelarche is the medical name for one of the early stages of puberty in girls. It is often the first visible sign that a girl is starting to go through the physical changes of puberty. The name thelarche comes from the Greek words for nipple and beginning and this stage of puberty is the start of breast development.

girl with inflatable ring playing in a swimming pool

Thelarche is the medical name for one of the early stages of puberty in girls.

Thelarche is caused by levels of the hormone estradial starting to rise and this increase in hormones results in breasts beginning to develop. The development takes the form of small hard lumps which form under the nipple. The lumps may form under one nipple at a time or sometimes under both nipples at once. The small lumps which form are sometimes referred to as breast buds.

The onset of thelarche will normally occur around the age of nine or ten. It is possible for thelarche to begin at an earlier age and in rare case this may be a sign that the girl is suffering from precocious puberty if other signs of puberty are also apparent. It is important to seek medical advice in these cases. If thelarche does occur at an earlier age but the girl exhibits no other signs of puberty then this is referred to as isolated premature thelarche and no medical treatment will need to be given. Thelarche may sometimes occur at an age later than nine or ten and this should not generally be a cause for concern.

A girl may be unprepared for the onset of thelarche because it is one of the first stages of puberty and they may need some reassurance that this is a completely normal part of their physical development. The growing breasts may also feel uncomfortable during thelarche and sore to lie on in bed so it is important to explain that this is normal and to administer a mild painkiller if required.

redaktion <![CDATA[Law Studies]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=132 2013-07-12T07:27:05Z 2013-07-12T07:25:17Z Law studies lay a great foundation for students wanting to understand and work with legal systems by teaching them how to speak and write persuasively.

But law studies are not only about persuasion, they are also about problem-solving skills and thinking analytically. These highly regarded studies have the potential to provide a long and rewarding career to anyone not afraid to ask questions. Undertaking law studies will teach you about the regulations and policies of your country, when the specific pathway is chosen. There are probably no other studies that give you so obvious an opportunity to generalise or specialise as you wish.

Studying law can also be really interesting and even exciting. Law studies not only teach you about the more serious, political or corporate aspects of the world, in particular when doing research on the prior art, but also more down-to-earth areas of everyday life like family matters or issues relating to housing.

Knowing the law is extremely rewarding. By doing law studies, you not only show everyone that you know the rules but that you also obey them, setting a good example for people to follow. For a lawyer, life is almost like playing a game of chess; if you know the rules and you follow them, you have a huge chance of winning. Imagine, if there were no rules, the world would be in total chaos with events leading to disasters with no happy ending. Lawyer is the person that conducts, leads and finds solutions for events that are disordered, chaotic.

law student

Law studies will prepare you for this big game of life.

And this is the key, law studies will prepare you for this big game of life, where operating within the rules is vitally important. So when you think about law studies now, think big, think exciting. If you have the right mind-set and are able to think creatively and enjoy asking questions, this is the right course for you.

redaktion <![CDATA[Health and Fitness]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=117 2013-06-26T07:29:38Z 2013-06-26T07:29:38Z Being a teenager can be hard enough at the best of times, with worries about the opposite sex, skin problems, peer-pressure, and the demands of school or college. Concerns about weight and appearance is just another issue that teenagers have to face, so here are some top health and fitness tips designed specifically for teenagers.

1: Keep fit and healthy for the right reasons

Instead of worrying about their weight, teenagers should aim to be fit and healthy. As muscle weighs more than fat, a healthy eating plan and good general fitness plan should not revolve around the weighing scales, and should instead be seen as a way to maintain health and fitness into adulthood.

fit family with water bottle after exercise in the morning

Making health and fitness enjoyable is crucial

2: Exercise appropriately

A high-intensity workout regime should not be necessary for a teenager, as long as the exercise they get is regular enough to increase the heart rate. Making health and fitness enjoyable is crucial, so why not join a sports team, take dance classes, go swimming or go bicycle riding with their friends? If a teen is new to exercise it is important to start slowly, for example by walking to school instead of taking the bus, and this can be built up as their health and fitness increases.

3: Eat well and regularly

Drastically limiting what they eat is not the right way for a teenager to boost their health and fitness, and the risk of developing an eating disorder is a danger. Eating regular, healthy meals that include all of the food groups and moderating artificially processed foods is the perfect way to stay fit and healthy, and this starts with the most important meal of the day; breakfast. Teenagers need the energy that food provides in order to keep them healthy and allow their bodies to grow, so as long as a balanced diet is eaten there is very little that should be off limits.

Health and fitness is an important matter in the development, both physically and emotionally, of teenagers, and taking regular exercise and eating a balanced diet provides an excellent start to their future as adults.

redaktion <![CDATA[Divorced Fathers]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=118 2013-06-26T07:28:41Z 2013-06-26T07:28:41Z Many divorced fathers encounter similar problems during their separation. If you are one of those who feels restricted about issues concerning your children, then you are not alone. Many courts and judges favour mothers when it comes to matters regarding children during a divorce.

father and child

Many divorced fathers encounter similar problems during their separation.

More often than not, the mothers of kids below teen years are given more rights over their children. They get to keep the kids, can demand child support, and even keep the children away from their former husbands or partners. Divorced fathers often get the short end of the stick when it comes to control over their children after divorce.

No matter what the issues were with former partners and mothers, divorced fathers still have rights to see their children, spend time with them and participate in important events in their lives such as graduations, birthday celebrations and other significant occasions. A fair arrangement should be created during the separation that provides dads with equal rights and access to their kids.

Other common issues that arise after divorce are the lack of parental support or participation of divorced fathers in the life of their children. Many dads who are separated from their former partners tend to neglect their obligations to their children.

Proper arrangements should be made in court during the divorce proceedings. These issues may include visitation rights, child support, and the emotional needs of the children caught between traumatic events. Even counselling may be recommended by a professional to help kids of divorced fathers and mothers cope with the negative effects of the proceedings.

Another dilemma that divorced fathers can face after a legal separation is having their parental rights revoked or terminated. Many dads go through this awful experience when they run low of funds and fail to provide child support. Unfortunately, some mother’s may use this as leverage and deny child visitation rights to their former husbands.

There are services that can help parents deal with the issues that accompany legal separations. There are even online resources you can turn to such as NationalFamilySolutions.com. Divorced fathers and mothers can spare their children the negative effects of the proceedings if they handle it with care and professional guidance.

redaktion <![CDATA[Video Games]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=107 2013-06-25T11:57:30Z 2013-06-25T11:57:30Z For years, video games have increased in popularity with boys and girls, the young and the old, the ‘pro’ and the ‘newbie’. The never ending stream of new software, consoles and game types has blossomed to match, and the growth shows no sign of stopping.

woman with joystick playing video games

Video games have increased in popularity with boys and girls.

But what makes playing video games so much fun? That depends very much on your individual video games experience and how it compares with other types of entertainment such as board and card games.

For some, it is living the adventure. Playing games such as ‘Tomb Raider’ and ‘James Bond’, puts the player in the shoes of the primary character and allows them to experience the thrills and spills right along with Mr 007 or Miss Croft. In everyday life, very few people outside the military have the opportunity (or the desire) to fire big guns, drive massive tanks and tussle fist-to-fist with an evil enemy. Fortunately, video games allow the everyday civilian to do so from the safety of their own home, as little or as often as they please.

For others, the puzzle solving element of video games is a mental work-out better than the puzzle section of any newspaper. Take Nintendo’s Big Brain Academy. This delightful video game is filled with number, logic and picture puzzles of varying levels. It is suitable for young children right up to adults and allows both group and individual play.

Others who prefer competition, can enjoy perfectly safe racing games, large scale space battles or one on one stealth missions. A player can fight to be the best among their friends or to top their last score in a large selection of video games available on every console and on PC.

In truth, video games are fun because of the pure escapism they provide. While some video games may simply emulate real life (The Sims 3), there are others that give players the opportunity to experience things they would never get the chance to. They offer gentle competition (Mario Kart), epic role play adventures (Fable) or even life or death, survival horror stories (Resident Evil).

redaktion <![CDATA[Concerts]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=108 2013-06-25T11:56:47Z 2013-06-25T11:56:47Z Whether it’s a classical orchestral performance, your favourite pop group or a heavy metal gig, there is nothing quite like experiencing a music artist at live music concerts.



There’s the incredible atmosphere at concerts.

First of all, there’s the incredible atmosphere at concerts that you just don’t get when listening to music at home or in a bar. Imagine being surround by others just like you, high spirits all round and everybody there for the same reason: to enjoy and appreciate the music they love.

When you picture concerts you probably imagine a huge stadium, packed with thousands of people and being either in the thick of the mosh pit or seated so far away you can barely see the stage. Some concerts are, indeed, just like this; especially when you choose to see a hugely popular artist. However, venues for concerts vary greatly, from town halls to small, local bars. In fact, there is something about these smaller venues that make it more intimate and personal. The advantages of seeing a live band at a local bar or pubs are that you won’t have to pay a small fortune for a ticket, queue at the bar for over-priced drinks or fight for a spot just to get a glimpse at the bar. This kind of venue is likely to host live performers on a regular basis, meaning you can see a whole range of local talent.

Another fun setting to see concerts is at an outdoor venue, such as a festival. The big ones like Glastonbury and Reading and Leeds Festivals are, again, fairly expensive. However your tickets allows you to see lots of top name bands all in one weekend. Other, more inexpensive, options include more local events. Have a look on the tourist website for your local area; many parks and other community spaces often hold events for free during the summer. You’re unlikely to see any famous faces at these events but it’s a great day for chilling out in the sun and seeing a variety of performances, from spoken word to mini concerts from live music artists. All kinds of festivals have a fantastic atmosphere, especially on a sunny day. For more information about concerts near you, visit www.eventim.co.uk

redaktion <![CDATA[Decorate a Room]]> http://www.teenadvice.org/?p=97 2013-06-13T16:07:37Z 2013-06-13T16:07:37Z Knowing how to decorate a room requires different considerations, including budget, colour schemes and creativity. Everyone has different tastes and styles when they decorate a room. For a teenager, the room should match their style. The teen should consider that most of their time is spent here, sleeping, studying or relaxing.


decorate a room

Knowing how to decorate a room requires different considerations, including budget, colour schemes and creativity.

Teenagers should create a plan that will help them decide the colour of the room before they buy anything. Consider the budget as well during this stage. The simplest way to decorate a room is to visualise how you want the room to look; which elements you need and how to get them.

A teenager’s preference should dominate most of the decisions. What do they like in terms of colour, fabric quality and textures, accessories and wall décor? Are they willing to change everything in the room, or just create a new style using some of their previous decorations?

When choosing to decorate a room, colour is the most important element in any design, as it is the first aspect that jumps to ones eyes. Teenagers should create a colour scheme that they like and one that creates a relaxing atmosphere. The most important sections to consider are the walls, floor and upholstery. These give the room most of its colour, and they need adequate attention.

A teen can use a theme on the wall when they decorate a room. This works well if the wall has no windows or doors. Patterns in a colour that is pleasing to the eye can be very appealing. The bed is an important part of the room as it is the biggest component. The cover and general bedding should match the theme.

When a teen decides to decorate a room, they will find accessories in different sizes and styles. A rug is ideal for the floor if there is a thin carpet. Sofas and cushions are nice for friends to use, while a desk creates working space. Lamps provide lighting, while photo frames and posters look attractive on the wall. Ensure that each element used to decorate a room compliments the chosen style. Accessories can be purchased at places like Bombay Home Decor.