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Am I gay? Is it wrong to be gay?

There are so many feelings and emotions that are experienced in such a short amount of time during the teenage years. Teenagers go through many changes during this critical time in their lives. Puberty only adds to the confusion as teen’s bodies begin to grow and change. Hormones begin to take over as teens begin to act on urges and impulses towards people of the opposite sex. What is seldom discussed is the very real possibility that some teens may have feelings for people of the same sex. Homosexuality seems to be taboo, particularly among teens.
For teens that may think they have feelings for the same sex, many questions come up. Am I gay? Is it wrong to be gay? While society as a whole does not look favorably towards homosexuality, it doesn’t necessarily mean that homosexuality is unnatural or wrong.

There is no proof to show that homosexuality is an unnatural thing. Being attracted to the same sex is not a scientifically proven product of genetics, upbringing, life experiences or anything else.

The group most hit with the negative connotations of homosexuality seem to be young males. Being a homosexual and being male is looked upon less favorably that if it were a female homosexual. Lesbians, as a group, are generally more accepted by society. The pressure for young boys to suppress any feelings towards the same sex can be too much, and many boys experience depression as they struggle with their homosexuality.

If a teen is experiencing feelings of attraction towards people of the same sex, it’s important not to panic and feel that something is wrong. It’s also important not to react to these feelings immediately until they can be sorted out. Remember, teens are undergoing many changes and experiencing many feelings and emotions during the years of adolescence.

It is best for teens to talk to an adult they can trust about the topic of homosexuality. A school counselor or social worker could be a great start, but perhaps the best person to talk to is a parent. Although there is a risk of disappointing them, they do love their children regardless and can help.

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