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Advice For Teens On A First Date

Dating can be both a fun and very trying time in the life of a young teen. As teens begin to discover their own identities and start to socialize with others, dating becomes an important part of their lives. While dating takes on different meanings to different teens, some very important principles should be taken into consideration regardless of how teens view dating. Below is a list of tips and guidelines that would be good for all teens to follow.
Many teens are very nervous about their first date. Therefore, some teens may want to consider going out on a group date with several friends just to ease the tensions, and there could still be some occasions for a little one on one time too.

One thing teens can do on a first date is to do something fun. A fun activity on a first date helps to ease tensions and make the date more comfortable. Some activities can include movies, carnivals, high school sporting events, bowling and many other things. Dating is meant to be fun, where you spend time with getting to know other people. Dating during the teenage years should not be taken very seriously, and you should not be on a mission to find your life partner.

The best thing to remember about a first date is to never agree to something that you don’t feel comfortable doing. First of all, you may not truly know the person you are dating. Even then, even if you know them, you should never feel pressured by your date to do things, like have sex. At such a young age, teens have so many things to look forward to, and having sex can ruin a relationship and ruin lives.

When teens have questions about dating, they should always talk to an adult they trust to help answer their questions and guide them through these confusing, yet exciting times in their lives. Adults can provide advice from lived experiences that can prove helpful.

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